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"The Music Makes It So We Never Have To Be Apart" -MBENNZ

22 TRACKS plus 2 BONUS TRACKS *must download album in order to hear the 2 bonus tracks*

This is not about gender. This is not about race. This is about rhymes, music and soul. This is not the next "insert artist name here". This is an artist in her own unique right. This is the future of real hip-hop. This is MBennz from Los Angeles, ready to take on the world with her book of rhymes. This is THEE S.T.A.R.Child, Sent To Awake & Revolutionize the world of hip hop and the music industry as we know it. This is a young woman of incredible talent, beauty, passion, and inspiration whose positive trend is set to give her a bright future in what all seems like a too dull and negative mainstream music industry.

On July 21st, 2012 MBennz illuminated the world of hip hop with her musical introduction 'Lost In Space & Rhymes'-with its electric artwork- and inspirational and raw lyrical content. Now this March 31st 2016 MBennz arrives with H.E.R. Second Coming, "The iPhone Chronicles". All songs on this project have been recorded solely on her iPhone.

To quote MBennz " All tracks are recorded on my iPhone for a reason beyond reason. This is specifically meant to send a clear message. By any means necessary! Let's bring music back to the roots and soul. If you require a bunch of auto tune and vocal FX and some coddling before you can create or record, then you're probably in the wrong lane all together! I recorded every single one of these tracks on my couch, no fancy FX, no mic, no mixing or mastering. The studio and engineers are a huge blessing but if you can't write your own music or rap on beat without all of the hype and help then perhaps you need to find another path. Music is an art form, not a corporate stage or a dummy platform."

Some tracks will have better sound than the other due to the mixing of the instrumental however if you focus on the heart then you will hear the heart (beat).. If you like this project we ask that you show your love by sharing and telling a friend!

Now it's time to plug in your head phones and get lost in H.E.R. rhymes!!


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released March 31, 2016

MBennz, Reel Mike Jones, S.T.A.R.KIDZ, Scope 360, TAKE, ALLIHOOPA, PropellerHead and all the producers who contributed their amazing sounds to this project. I love and appreciate you ALL!



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


MBennz Los Angeles, California

MBennz, the dynamic new female lyricist exploding on the scene, enriches Hip Hop! Her lyrical style is best described as the perfect blend of hard hitting content with a sultry twist of femininity. In mastering the balance of both sides of her personality with incredible grace. Keep an eye out for this shining star as she assumes her place among the legends in the game. ... more

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Track Name: JOURNEY (Official Intro)
This is a story bout the old belief system, (BS)
This is a story of the truth. .No need for dreams or schemes, MBennz is like Martin. Gotta let em know this rap scene aint seen shit. supreme. all hail this team. sittin here reminiscing.. when real hip hop is what this game is really missing. from the pacs to the bigs. wu tang to the eazy's e's gang bangin. was their thang. 93 till infinity. i take this lyricism and I bless it with my femininity. It's time for hip hop to have revival. lyrics should be about more than just survival because it's the landscape to our arrival, at last it's time to bring real hip hop back to the atlas. rappers need to start paying due like they taxes.

BS Fading away, the people no longer will listen,
They know your game, like Rodman with the Pistons,
The whacked out systems, built on faulty missions,
Led to so many, heads full of premonitions,
As they wake and become conscious to my rhythm.

Feel the Love that comes with each new day,
Showering gifts for those who will stay,
DNA activation brings evolution, on your way to ascension,
Beings like us are so divine, life for us is not a straight line,
Trust your Guides, Know that Spirit is your true friend, (Spirit Is Your True Friend)
Now get up off your knees! N let your life begin! (Let Your LIfe Begin)
Cause so much in life seems to come and go,
The illusion seems so real, It's hard to know,
Like should I stop, or should I go, please say yes, don't say no,
The illusion world in black and white, goo
The love that runs through my mind
There are no words that can define
It's a feeling that transcends all time, it transcends space & time, all time
Lifts my soul to a place where all things rhyme.

Welcome to the Journey In My Mind
Track Name: RETURN OF THE UNICORN (Unbound)
Track Name: H.E.R. SECOND COMING (33)
On a journey to find lightning. Enlightening. God blessed. Heightening my perception, inviting in happiness. I wish upon the stars, to dive so deep and far in the abyss of true self, where angels are what we are. The source of true love. Butterflies in the gut. The point of no return, where you're in it, no matter what. I'm in it to hold it down. The Light fills my cup. Yeah, it's that potent, slow sippin' to lift me up. I'll stumble on this road, but love, it's my quest. Guided by my soul, drum beatin' in my chest. I'll lead, if you can follow, proceed, be my guest. But don't sleep on the purpose, we have no time for rest. Strip ourselves bare. Trade desires here, for joy that lives there. Conquering all fear. Assured that we're prepared. Persistent. We keep in gear. Living a silent prayer. Yet in still the Heavens hear.

On the wings of the night, the moon sits high and full. Waves crash to the shore. Beckoned by lunar pull. Lessons in everything, and life is the truest school. Love is the bluest dream, and also The Golden Rule. We know if we search to find, we'll find that you truly feel. Maneuvering cosmic tides. Tense as the speed builds. Surfing here side to side, connected to something real. Affected by everything. Perfected by God's will. We trust when timing's right. Those who love the night. Not to honor the dark, it just amplifies The Light. Together we will ignite. Look inward; count the cost. Choose risk; accept the loss. Manage pain like we're the boss.

In that moment we'll find. That letting go of control. Connects us with kindred minds. Links us to kindred souls. The hings we don't know. Unseen and unplanned, is shaping the state of man. It's part of The Divine Plan. Take the leap, and then atone. Rise to find you are home. Crown atop your head. It's time to assume your throne. Lessons we learned from Christ. Some burdens we bare alone. Together we find resolve. It strengthens us to the bone. Leave everything on the cross. We gain more than we've lost. Life is an amazing gift. Order from chaos. The bridge we all cross, finding peace along the way. The second we recognize it, we separate ourselves from the fray. Embody it day to day. Transformed to higher beings. Molded like soft clay. Angels rejoice and sing. Find angles in space between. To reach our wounded hearts. Repairing the very things, that lead us all so far apart. Went through the vicious cycle once, and the "end" is where it starts.

The music from the soul, knocks louder than Rock n Roll. Knock, knock.. knocking on heavens door.. Knocking on heavens door....
Track Name: PERSPECTIVE ft. Scope 360

Take me to a place ridden with my dreams...parallel with my outcome...banish any schemes... they can never tell me how come?... im bringing my whole team...family and friends... even prophets i've seen...wipe your feet before u come so were keeping it clean...tracking clear wisdom when we come on the scene... indigo star child...just planted my seeds...in this universal garden...that's presented to me...
I don't bare my soul to be considered an icon I'm just another peon that complex just a mass of Stardust looking to the sky to find what's next , studying the scrolls to find subtext.. Searching through my soul to find the meaning puts this journey up in context. Brand-new perspective that I carry right along. Take that raw emotion put it in each bar of my songs and then hand it to the people as proof that were all equal..

Watch me while I run this game... Watch me while I run this game. Starchild..Starchild...
Track Name: MBENNZ ft. SCOPE 360 - E=MC2 (Intro to EnLightenment) Scope 360 & MBENNZ
Track Name: STAY SUCKA FREE (33 Till Infinity)
Track Name: WHAT HAPPENED? (To Hip-Hop)
What happened to hiphop music?
It's the essence that we losing
The influence we been abusing

I listen to music in passin, while i watch these rappers with zero substance just blunt passin
smoke 5 quarters well that's , an improper fraction
Step in the booth with me ..u the one im smashin
all in skinny jeans.. bandwagonin for fashion and reaction
originality and passion is what most these cats is lacking
still some reason wack rappers , still stacking
I wish I could see pac and big’s reaction
Bet disgust and dissatisfaction
new artists step in this game like magic, yeah black magic, so tragic
They make a deal, sell their soul then the industry pimps these artist just how's, Thats what's been happening
labels pushing the packaging... end result plastic (w)rapping
and lets be honest, go ahead and get paid
but give real emceees some shine instead of just shade
we ain't mad you getting paid, just a little confused bout why ya shits being played with unreal accolades.. No bars, claiming that you stars??
But MBennz shines the light cause I am from another planet, no not earth, but call this the rebirth. The year is my sweet 16 and when I drop 16, me and my S.T.A.R. Kidz team, we bout to ball harder than the NBA
bring the game back without a Dj and without the REPLAY. Return of the golden age.. You Instagram rappers have just been slayed. HO HO HO!!!
I'm about my business, yeah god is my witness, wearing down these clowns with my lyrical fitness. I tried to tell em they should sign me up reeeal quick, but they didn't heed this, now they are calling meee, sick, like "Please, MBennz the game neeeds this!", but I'm gon' have to reeesist, without me on their team? Shit. They dont even eeexist. And You will never get off on me I am not the eeexit. Oops I meant exit, that is your direction, uhh microphone checka, you have been rejected and I am unaffected, that's why I'm disrespectin'. Some step in the game try to drop names, no shame, and consequently, no fame, even if you have talent, the key to life, is to find balance, remain valiant, step up like I'm really unphased by any challenge. yah im about my business...

U wanna reach the top, then you gotta stay loyal.. See If I'm the queen then best believe my team is royal, cuz who is Popeye without Olive Oil. Meaning you need a team to build the dream, u should keep it real instead of tryin to plot n scheme. These lessons some will heed and some won't pay attention, thats the difference between the starters & the bench, or better yet the players who don't even get a mention.I don't deal w/ the self seekin, they only status seeking. I'm strictly speaking about the empty talkers, Johnny Walkers, the bird mouth, loud gawkers, think the running game but this ain't soccer. u need a lesson in acting proper. business 101, special et-iquette, bring you back to school son, verbs, nouns and predicates, I know this hurts your ego, it's so delicate, but I'm not saying it for the hell of it. family, over everything, its all relative.

I'm telling stories like a narrative painting pictures with my flows, van gough yeah I'm decorative. this ain't me being negative, i'm just telling you the way it really is. On the tip that's positive even without a deal, I only Say What's Real.So why you tryin to steer, you ain't behind the wheel. i put my heart and soul into every single line/so even without a spotlight you'd never stop my shine. I stay on the grind, with my goals on my mind, I'm Mrs. Clean in this game filled with grime. Greasy talk only fuels my rhymes. it's just a matter of time. And my time is money, that I don't cher, you feel me sunny?you can't stop me, so stop it , countdown to launch, yeah I'm a rocket. Countdown til my albums droppin, Considerin' all your problems, it's like post partum super stardom and me? I'm just getting started.....
Track Name: SHINE BRIGHT (The Light)
Track Name: LET ME RAP ft. Scope 360
Track Name: LOVE OF MY LIFE ft. Aaron Morgan
Yo some it's MBennz and I'm about to talk about.. God Light Spirit but y'all prefer to rap about money,bishes, and alcohol, you're frauds who deserve to fall. It's time for the rhymes to realign with their true source, the divine! I don't need five mics because I am the source!!! I provide metaphors your raps only talk about whores, we are the company we keep so what's that really say about you and yours? hhmmm?

The devil got kicked out of heaven cause his demons mixed with his jealousy. And the truth remains.. Gods pedigree is higher than that cowards will ever be.. Hip hop scripture from a true emcee is purely mental telepathy with a melody..

Mind in the stars so the sayin that I'm heaven sent... some say I got bars cuz I aint never bent...Mbennz like the best money you never Spent. I'm channel 5 at 5 the way I stay relevant. Since day 1 a leader all golden no retriever....
Track Name: MY VISION
okay this is my vision so pay attention, and listen while i paint a picture, its gets descriptive, and this ain't a lecture but it hits you, don't get influenced by the worlds view, and what your friends do, and it dont matter what you've been through, its in you, to pursue happiness and be the real you, cause that's all you can do, in the end theres no redo, i hope you find someone to hold onto, don't be the glass half empty i can see through, start over, renew and let your dreams come true.
(ambition wale instrumental) (young jeezy fame)
Now a days we livin in a world where things are all backwards
Trying to win in a game where we aint even practiced
And history keeps repeating self like relapses.
Babies having babies, No fathers in the home, Moms on drugs or working 2 jobs to keep on the lights and phone
A world most of us feel so alone. A life I can't condone. Need a moral lesson bout write and wrong
You want the truth? We need to pay attention to our youth
Instead of robbing them of a fair chance, a future a any chance to advance.
Change begins with the man in the mirror it really couldn't be any clearer.
and here's some steps to help guide you there..
Step 1 stay away from the television
Step 2 pay attention to those in your vision
Step 3 Focus your energy in the right spot
Step 4 Mothers worry bout your child instead of bout whether or not you lookin hot
Step 5 Fathers stop making babies if you not tryin raise them. It takes 2 to create them. It's a life, so celebrate them.
Step 6 More love less fear, Most of our problems are illusions, so kick that ish the rear.
Step 7 Remain faithful and grateful. No one wants to be around anyone who is hateful.
Step 8 Don't worry bout the Joneses or the Smiths. Worry about your self, your life ,your own business
Step 9 Do unto others as you would have done. Give thanks daily for the moon stars and sun
Step 10 Remember this life is the only one. Appreciate it now because before you know it you blink and then it's done.
Know that you are chosen, cause out of all the people in this world, you're the only one. Done.
Track Name: FLOWING (Like A Faucet)
Track Name: Unreal "Things"
It's about time for a change up. You know how it goes down when you're setting some thangs up. Haters want to frown, past relationships drain up. Friends flip the script, with deception and games - but - I don't even waste time deciphering these lame shmucks. The message on the wall, we're like the tide to these lame ducks. I'm all about my path, my team, my dividends. Making major moves seem to reveal some minor friends. The clowns who come around when they think their benefit-in, through the grind are no where to be found like their miss-in. To some, my light is all they can see. Lack of vis-ion. I won't toss any bait in the sea, I'm not fish-in. I keep an eagle's eye on actions and motives, to keep focused.. Not going for this smoke and these mirrors. No hocus pocus. I'm in demand so the phonies stay on me, swarming like locusts. You can get lost, like dead weight, buncha Al Rokas.. I say HAHAHA but I'm not a joka.

See I've cleared my circle no more corny type, steve urkels. Only real friends will benefit, I got nothing but love to give those who are prevalent, those who stayed loyal even when there was no benefit. Cause with MBennz what you see is what you get, and those who are riding with me now I will never forget. Those who have already stepped away on the hating tip, it's best that you whatcha lip, cause even though I don't really trip, I also never slip, do you catch me drift? do you? do you ? do you? do you really catch my drift? Listen. listen, I never ever slip...

I'm not cocky but I'm confident, not over bearing but I'm dominant, I'm a vowel you merely a consonant, and your attitude is what gets you stuck with the consequence. Not to change subjects even though I don't judge but you need to honor it. And I guess you think you the Queen B cause you steady swarmin it. and I'm it.. This is just a warning kid..

Either send love or send nothin, I have no time for fake friends, brothers,sister,fathers, cousins, and if you want me to start callin names I got about a bakers dozen And When I hit the stage one day with Jay or Em don't come back knockin on my door again, cause I'll tell security..I don't know you anymore... That's your que to exit..someone get them the door. do you want some more? really? really? so so this is a song for..
pretendas with hidden agendas till you doing it big then they try to be friend ya. talking bout i always believed in ya..best believe that they deceivin ya.. yeah the pretendas with hidden agendas but when you doing it big they try to be friend ya..
Track Name: MBENNZ ft. SCOPE 360 - POSEIDON ( Mermaid Collab)
MBENNZ verses

Say hello to poisedon he's ruling with a trident, soaring thru space to a place where mermaids are right beside him.

Lets travel to the moon/ married to the sky/ jumping over brooms/ earth and heaven/ bride and groom/ rising in a space ship/ where clouds are consumed/ breaking barriers/ satellites make room/ come see amazing things/ without shrooms/ this vacation/ killin cancun/ trust me/ once u see what i see/ it will make u D A R E to be drug free/ everything moves in unison/ like club glee/ it will make you wish/ we woulda hug trees/ got are planet looking ugly/ these visionsthat im bringing/ will help u love me/ here's your introduction to whats above thee/ Say hello to poisedon he's ruling with a trident, soaring thru space to a place where mermaids are right beside him. mer, mer, mermaids......
Track Name: MBENNZ ft. Christian Awong - COSMIC LOVE
Cold wind in the winter. Our love warms space. Like the Sun, from the center. From our first date when we sat down to dinner, it was written on our face, what we had found was a winner. Your impractical and I'm irrational. We may have rushed a bit. We felt we had to. We may have touched too quick. it's only natural. Trading back and forth like "acrobat-tles". And though we've had some times we needed space. The pain can't keep pace with the beating of my heart. Each one beats for you, given freely from the start. Tension in my veins, every second we're apart. Headache on my brain, every second we're not "us". You're the only one I really trust. Days filled passion, our nights filled with lust. "Like" does what it can, and "Love" what it must...

HOOK-Christian AWong

Real love on the battlefield. You know the battle's real. But I never battled with the question whether I should feel. I never questioned that these battle scars would ever heal. We came so far. We stayed so strong. And any person who would doubt our love is dead wrong. This is a love movie. My favorite love song. Our favorite mixtape, we zone out and escape. Been a long time coming since you and me spoke. You stayed, I strayed. I coulda left you a note. The joy bring might just save the world. Your soul worry free, like little boys and girls. That's why your more valuable to me then diamonds and pearls. You make it hard for me to wanna be singular when your plural and the way you follow through is so through. Don't know why I ever gave you the run around. One minute I was unsettled, next I was thinking about settling down. Should be stepping in the castle where royalty is found. But I'm caught between my love for you and the love of sound. Music is core to what makes my world go round. I'm so afraid cuz I'm so in love. I don't wanna give you up. You don't realize what you do to me, it's like in your eyes I see the truth in me.

Together we fly through this turbilation. The look in your eyes has my heart taken, the feelings in the music is like love making. Hyper ventilating, so breath taking. Grab my hand, keep it real.. Why you waiting? You know your voice has my mind racing, plus you got these arms I can feel safe in. Lips I wanna keep tasting, I can see your soul through your skin, I keep tracing. You know I'm cool on it. You know you locked it down. There's not cat around that can fool with you kid. At first it was a fight, but love lead to trust and that was it. You win. You open doors, compliment, on some common sense, no sly intentions. Grown man ish, far from infant. One woman man, far from pimpin. Respectable. Exceptional, in every way, I feel blessed with you. Cats try to spit, I don't even notice dudes...
Track Name: MBENNZ ft. Scope 360 - A.Casual.Villain (SOULdiers of the LIGHT)
I aint frontin
dont know how
was born from the ocean
in the womb of the earth was the starchild
under water volcano was the cradle
a giant amongst imps
my first steps left a crater
I plan to rise like evaporated water vapor
chill in the clouds
til its time to reign down

do angels cry when the demon die
the passified sanctified sing lyrical lies
the deified human god make beautiful rhymes
The evil eye go blind when you open mind
My heart pumps wine
slit my wrist take a sip
blood pool take a dip
Give my life cus its a gift
Good and evil close the rift
realize we reside on eternal time lines
infinite sun rise
prospective of a satellite
orbital flow
run circles around
these clowns
they all lack flow
sea of knowledge
run deep like republican pocket
bury treasures in your soul
let me be your locksmith
Track Name: MESSAGE FROM THE STARS (Blue Roxie)