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More than a mixtape, "Lost in Space & Rhymes" is nothing short of a lyrical odyssey of the highest order. In this, her first collection since exploding on the scene in 2011, MBennz has boldly channeled the deepest recesses of her soul to give the listener an unapologetic diagram of her personal growth as an artist and a human being. Each track is an all access pass to the triumphs, struggles, and life lessons that have defined her up to this point, and continue to influence each step of her progression. Through her honest portrayal of her own personal experiences MBennz reminds us all that we are intrinsically connected through our shared struggles. Tracks like Venus vs Mars and Broken Child pull at our heart strings and challenge our view of relationships, while others such as Midnite Roses and Indigo represent her characteristic style and are full of uplifting messages that inspire us all to our higher self. In this new age of music MBennz is leading the charge back toward substance and away from the mundane. Right here, in this space, we all get lost in her rhymes...


released July 21, 2012

Endless thanks to all who supported me along this incredible journey. Especially my family (Mom, Aunt Betsy, Uncle Bill, Nikki Mermaid, D.Hyamsito, and the one and only JH (Jerry Heller) ALL truly incredibly amazing SOULS who whether or not may know it, I carry in my heart every where I go, for strength, love, support and inspiration. You all have truly touched my heart and my soul and I am eternally grateful for you. That being said, each and every one of you hold a VERY special place in my heart. I am inspired by the human soul and connection to one another. This album is a piece of my heart & soul that I am sharing with you. It's a compilation of my music from the beginning less than a year ago when I first started recording and pursuing my dream, to where I am today. Tracks 1 and 11 are my most recent and an intro to where I am headed next. Some tracks are studio quality, and some are at home on the mac unmixed. I wanted this 1st release to show my progress and journey thus far to following my heart and my dreams, but also to share with you my flaws and imperfections as a human being. It's always about progress not perfection. My true hope is that I can/ will help shed some light through the darkness, and serve as a reminder to each of you, that you are truly, never alone. and that thoughts truly become things ;) <3 ONE. Love & Light .. MBennz



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MBennz Los Angeles, California

MBennz, the dynamic new female lyricist exploding on the scene, enriches Hip Hop! Her lyrical style is best described as the perfect blend of hard hitting content with a sultry twist of femininity. In mastering the balance of both sides of her personality with incredible grace. Keep an eye out for this shining star as she assumes her place among the legends in the game. ... more

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We can grow together. ..

From the the same vine

When the season comes bloom at the same time

Can i please drill this concrete in your mind

So it wont just be stars

Are souls .. align

These lime lights are radiant

Blinging like a shrine

I've traveled distances through this universe

Always followed signs

Im on some different shit

Call me tyson in my prime

Rather travel through my mind

Then sit and plot my next rhyme

I feel closest with those

That aren't afraid

to expose their rose's

fake hoes i x em off no o's

I stay awake.no doze

No time for the ones that wanna split my sea like moses

It's atrocious

If you don't feel love when you quote this

please step back and take notice

I was blessed with the mind to know this

Midnight roses surviving through the coldest

hearts that have been frozen

mine is open that's why they say i'm chosen

i hope you feel my heart in these verses

this is my passion and purpose

i'm here to take a spot, ive worked hard i deserve this.

stars aligning, thank you uni-verse

living your dream , that's my slice of heaven here on earth

I'm no better than you.. I just know my worth..
Track Name: INDIGO (AURA)
I wrote this song

for those who feel all alone

every nite prayin for a place to call they home.

long for someone, anyone ..

inherently u understand.. we are all one

you get it, they don't,.... internal fears grow

misunderstood most by those who should know

Your parents, friends , and society,

so now u self medicate to escape a world inside of thee

trying to make the pain dissipate

instead you mind lost in outer space

searchin for a heavens gate

You act out in a rage... like an animal that's being caged

Your heart is saying peace..mind says dis engage

Depressed ..don't want to feel alone

Rebel in your youth project that you're grown

whats truly worse than feeling disconnected..???

I speaking from an Indigo perspective

This is a song for whoever need it

And any soul who feel defeated

shine your light, the world really needs it

if you heal a soul, missions been completed

So this for you, whoever really need it

my gift to you, i hope that you receive it

You're not alone in the world.. I needed to you know ..

please dont be afraid let your spirit show...indigo

Shine bright , know your purpose

A life of service is truly worth it.

Human pain ..never goes in vain..

Embrace what your worth is.. Know you are worth it..

YOU are worth it..

A warrior spirit, leader with an honest soul

aware of life's connection .. peace for the whole

spread love and light,

we all play a role

system busters w/ one goal

free the masses from the mind control

then dead played out ways of thinking,

free enslaved minds like Im Lincoln..

since a kid i new i had a gift ..

inner fire lit, spreadin love.. aura indigo and violet

my emotions so intense.. wonder if i'm human

hard to verbally explain..but I feel your pain

and it hits my soul so i refuse to sit back and let this shit go

This a song for whoever need it

any soul who feel defeated

shine your light, the world really needs it(whoever)

if you heal a soul, missions been completed

So this for you, whoever really need it

my gift to you, i hope that you receive it
You're not alone in the world.. I needed to you know ..

please don't be afraid let your spirit show...indigo

Our world, it needs healing so if you hear my words, and understand my feelings,

get on ya feet, march with me,let's go hard like the rhymes on my beats

spread peace and love through the streets

it's time ...the revolution will be televised ..

might show up at Bill O'Reily's crib.. like SURPRISE

the star kids have arrived.. hearts brolic..screamin motherfk a politic

we bout that love & light...we all one.. welcome to our new life

i seen the future and it's shines so bright.. we are all one
shout out to the age of Aquariuans.. and shout out to Krs one ...We are all one.
Track Name: BESIDES ME
hello let me introduce myself. MBennz. who else? is doin it ..besides me. I see no one else besides me. Goin G.I. watchin these snakes with my all seeing 3rd eye. makin em drown while they sayin money talks, theirs dont make a sound/thats
that pin droppin cash, thin pocket ass/i'm acquiring more green then paul pierce nah I mean? And maybe if you act right and ask nice, I may Leggo your boyfriend but never lettin go of my ego. That's why where ever I go.. he go. my numero uno.. amigo ..Flow cold yeah that's hace frio that ones for my spanish connects or really anyone writin my checks./ I'm livin well if you include illusions, Exclude it, we live in frigid cells, Seems we've all abandoned prudence & the movements that ceased the shells that fell, Vietnam, Kennedy, 9/11, An un convicted line of felons, Those pushin knowledge like Magellan, They want demolished like building 7, But fuck it, tell em, repelling the shit they wanna sell em, Wish the unity would schism, so they got the youth imprisoned, Deceitful media, the war on terror's a fkin euphemism a metaphor..kinda like when u met the whore u wonder what u met her for. living in a world that loves war and hates peace. time to ctrl alt delete. rebuild and not repeat.Cause the stomach is full in the belly of this beast.
Ya it's true I gotta temper, A spiritual dilemma,
I'd like to enter in the realm where the spirit is the center.
Fuck Perpetrating, I will murder Satan My soul held hostage, Angels keep me guarded tho. You can read my book... but first listen to my knowledge though..
Don't Take the Mark of Beast....Increase the Peace...In The Streets..Even Though We Trapped...It All Started back in 83...Tony Montana...On the Movie Screen...Now we all Copy Cat's....Trying to mock That...Controlled By Green Paper..Green Backs...Killing our Kind...Time to break free control our own minds.
Track Name: ENERGY (LOA)
Fresh dressed .. clear mind, ........opinions?. never hide mine.. synergy in each line, my metaphors interwine.. mother fk a co sign ..fair to say mbennz speaks her mind .. i see u..father time, now I tick tock wit each rhyme, each second to the next kid, entrance to my exit... spittin with perspective..never follow any thoughts.. less they been collected and i'm the one controlling em,and if emotion over flowin in, that's when i grab logic and I flip it, stuck to the script..for too long.now i'm like ...forget a family traditieeeeon, i just walk every day like an egypt.....ian, light years ahead, space and beyond..my mind ions beyond...

i feel everythang.. game tight..yao ming LOA—i'm talking literally...like attracts like—pure energy, you hearing what i say?? LOA i'm talkin enerrrgayy.... focused thoughts .. concentration.. electromagnetic. radiation...i stay in tune, same station..Positive vibes beget a wonderful life, like an angel who shows you what it life woulda been like, if you chose healing over that gun or knife..like what if you never left your kids and ya wife..real life .. like.. if we focused less on the outcome and more control over whats really happenin.. you could find that inner source you need to tap in..cause the energy we drownin in.. is what we keep attracting back in.

embrace the little things.. like the good man or a woman,stop worrying about the little things, like a wedding ring. yao ming..LOA is.why opportunities can float our way way and some just pass away. the essence of our experiences everyday, so go with the flow, trust that we all gon be okay.Pure thought is body and emotions, supply the heart,always stay open, be yourself cause that is the hardest part.like 2 strangers meeting in the dark.. meet each other halfway, when we don't that's when part of our soul slips away..so hold good thoughts in your mind... ignore distraction, if they're pure, it's a positive reaction..then we attract more of that back in,.. LOA ..law of attraction .
Track Name: DREAMS $$ CAN BUY
I want fly money the whole sky money . I want that.. running out the bank do or die money I want that rari in the emirates of Dubai money
I've lived cloudy days, damn sure they endin sunny Feeling famished i stay hungry, playing my hand. with these cards I was dealt..... working hard ...no days off.. chasin wealth, so I stay motivated, sitting comfortable with no misdirection. I'm dealing in connections, so what you need cars, girls, or protection ? Thats whips, whores, and weapons. World War 3. Im just a product of where i be ....mentally
Opening the pages to my wildest desires,
Frequent flyer I aspire to inspire, then turn around and retire. plans on inheirting the throne. tire,full circle, call it firestone
This drive is something no one can ever take from me. So when I'm makin moves, Im makin money.
Success is what most these cats say they strivin for
Fame and glory what alotta these cats end up dyin' for ME?.I just wanted a driver to open up MY door and the biggest suite up on the highest floor
I got the keys to an even better day.
So best that ya Heed what I say, even the ones with ya minds blank.
Now Clap for me as I emerge amongst the highest ranks..

Buzz sure to ensue even bigger than you
The Colors Fade With The Picture­s I'm Paintin For You.
B.I.G. said you're no 1 til someone kills you/ I say you're no 1 til the crowd feels you/ You feel me
Imagaining reality/ Mortal kombat flows a fatality
I love this perfect illusion that this shit is oh so amusing/ Back to reality where life is oh so confusing/
The heart of a lion mixed with the pride of a tiger/ The games a jungle so you either getting paid or payin pipers/
I don't fk with the industry, it's like jealousy they only accessory and I wouldn't mess with me cause I'll really take it wherever it is necessary.
like these cats when you try to make it callin you wack/
then you blow and they like "why ain't she calling me back?"/
what goes around comes around, cause and effect/
but the more commas in my check, the more calm and collect,, fk I'm
relaxed/ comfort from reachin brackets of a higher tax. couple maybachs on bachs on bachs
pushin for these triple triple triple platinum plagues
Life of my dreams is what this money can buy , pinched myself cause i feel like i'm floatin..ooooohhh SO high.
Life changin fast. blink of an eye. Never been regular and now you know why..
Track Name: VENUS vs. MARS
They're thinking on two different wave lengths... Over cous cous and string beans... At the dinner table. Puppet strings... Arguing about the same things. "He-he never listens, to a thing". "She-she's always bugging, every time I blink. With her it's always something, fuck this ring!" "Why does he always mistreat me, like I'm nothing."... I guess it's how it goes, same story different episode. One views that like this, the other this like that. Tit for tat, we only know emotional combat. Human contact is a science that is not exact... We get what we give, sometimes less than that.

We deal with the pain through our own eyes. Though we feel the same strain we don't identify... If we're from Venus AND from Mars how are we all wearing the same scars??....Damn

He probably underestimates the work I do... and probably wants to screw me too. She probably thinks that all I only want to see her nude...and that I'm good for a check too. This is the life we're livin, it's nothing new. Dividing line between the genders...we muddle through. "We'll never understand them, why try to?" Two planets collide, who survives?... We're both from Venus and from Mars, funny, we've only seen those planets from afar. We'd rather define ourselves by distant orbs that we see hidden amongst the stars, instead of understanding where we are?... I guess that's how it goes, right?... same brand, different model type, right? We need a new concept. A prototype. Instead we create our own hype in our minds. Divide ourselves, when that was not part of the grand design. Can we re-align or is this just a sign of are times? We need to re-focus on heart Cause forever is such a long

We deal with pain through our own eyes. Though we feel the same strain we don't identify... If we're from Venus AND from Mars how are we all wearing the same scars??....Damn

Now that we've come this far, where do we go?... better yet, how do we grow?? Closer together instead of further... apart? Do we hit restart, or emotionally depart? I know this is the hard part, I'm trying to give us a head start. We are here looking like works of art, frozen in suspense, trying to protect our own hearts..
Man of my past meet the man of my future.
I used to call you dad now it doesn't suit you.
Stick to formalities like I barely knew you.
a rolling stone yeah I see through you,
that's a hard rock
fair to say I'm a chip off ..
thee old block..
Though we both play a different role
I AM hip hop
YOU are rock & roll...
I'm a free spirit,..You love control. .
Yeah I'm complicated.. 3 years ..not a single word communicated
swept under the rug ,, from a mess that YOU created
No phone calls? Damn right I am frustrated.
Birthdays, holidays, not a single..happy be-lated?
No effort shown from a father to whom I once related
So now I speak my truth, it's time for you to face it.
My heart my is so real .you will never break it.

To the Man of my future,
allow me to school you..
bout my past, something like a tutor
No blind sides, catchin fades from a bruiser.
ironic when your abuser is your accuser...
but baby back to us...
it's love verses lust..in one another we shall trust,,,
in the beginning we ..
never knew what was to be' expected..
and i have rules about what will and wont ...be accepted
so hopefully my honesty might shed perspective
I don't condone blame
yet I Blame my father.
A man who hasn't been there for his daughter
His Attitude conveys why bother
And he wears it right around his fkn collar.