Light Switch: ON (Spoken Word)


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Bout to slay these Instagram trappers, musically lip syncers, duck lip quackers , ole swag jackers, I'm not a hater just a real rhyme facilitator which means I don't hide under covers, time remove the nay Sayers and re-emerge from the underground and snatch back OUR sound! Sorry not sorry if you tried to play me like a game of sorry, I'm like a pS5 so Virtually you can visualize me, but never scar me, time to retire Ataris, gotta block and delete ya, you get no mention or feature, time to let the wolves feast on ya, In this virtual world it seems you forgot reality, humanity, and dimensions higher than 3D, you cannot vibrate at our frequency so you buy fame to pretend we are equal but see, spiritually we know that could never be. You're a fraud who does it for applause but part of your fake contract agreement said you'll never be a Real star! Now ain't that some ish? if only you read between the lines we wouldn't be at this arraignment will you're the defendant and the truth is a former acquaintance turned plaintiff.. the world has felt the shift. Bars off the Richter this earthquake is titanic and so anyone satanic is now left lost & stranded. Guess you landed on the wrong planet.. now you saying "God Damnit . Stop using the name in vain, the dragons have been slain.
True colors have been shown,
Cover has been blown and now this soil is cleansed and the real can finally return home!
Sadly, some have been busy pretending, when they should have been preparing. Should have got with the motion and checked your emotions. This purpose takes daily devotion. Truth, respect, & integrity determine unemployment or promotion. So if you got fired and not hired please understand this was never a game or hobby and some of you Joe's just got way too sloppy. ;)
Every time I think about the youth I cry every time I'm think about the truth I FLY, because every single time I speak truth I get crucified.. Look I came back and did it only to shine light to the lost eyes . You watch social media and think you picked up a reading on a meteor .. I'm Andromeda off the meter these mainstream artists are possessed and i am the opposite a clear spirit reader and corny lame defeater, say you flow is cold? Great I got the heater and I'm a dime so if meter maids wanna front seater.. Her meaning me, I will retire thee,I am already running laps and raps round you wack rap wanna be's .. You can't flow on beat without punching in claiming you got heat and if I hear one more corny line about the dimes you peep and then sleep with you gonna need to retreat quick cause my appetite to eat any and every single fraud is none to compete with .. Their is a new boss and it's a she so it's best NOT to concede this, and if you try please make it quick cause I got some more liars I need to chomp chomp eat quick. I'm about to snatch the crown and hold it down for the best see, nope not nestle cause I'm not that sweet bush, reel you in then hack spew you out in to pieces .. Capiche kid? Never blow ya top when your lid is fake. I'm taking the cake and I don't even like sweets just seeing losers in their True lane, defeat and obsolete with the chance of zero to repeat!


released December 19, 2016



all rights reserved


MBennz Los Angeles, California

MBennz, the dynamic new female lyricist exploding on the scene, enriches Hip Hop! Her lyrical style is best described as the perfect blend of hard hitting content with a sultry twist of femininity. In mastering the balance of both sides of her personality with incredible grace. Keep an eye out for this shining star as she assumes her place among the legends in the game. ... more

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