We Ain't Messing With You


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My own version to the track .. I Ain't F----ing with YOU! by Big Sean :) Re produced by Big Zeke and recorded on my iphone 6 using the TAKE app.

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Call me MBennz purple unicorn to my friends and now my energy is fully coming through ya speakers and ya lens
These rap lames claim they run this game and I see these hoes claimin they the mother but the truth is the STARChild is back on planet earth to reveal and uncover all the dirt that these jerks tried to bury underneath the covers, I'm about to recover the worlds greatest lost treasure bars off the richter no seismologist can ever measure.
Mainstream rap dudes is fairys and I'm the Goddess MOTHER of this game you lames will no longer maintain or have fame if you don't stay in your lane. Counterfeit artists bite my style you chip a tooth and lose your smile
This fairy G ,will not leave you a free be,
back up under your pillow, we like Zillow we don't like scrubs near our pad, Brillo, so you can't back and forth me like Willow, Like Willow

This is real rap.. No G.M.O.'s in my flow, just cosmic scripture, here to pierce the sphere and help paint a better picture, Ascension time, when you fly this high, theres no need for liquor or elixirs, God energy, solar powered by the divine not the kind that you would find on E in a khloe kocktail mixture, this is Purpose over paper and for those who oppose it's Asa lama laka, we will not see you later, making major moves, this not levels this is layers.

We ain't messing with you, We are not messing with you(repeat hook)

Sometimes you find friends and sometimes you find foes but what you don't feed the soul must be permanently disposed of.
So here is a public letter to you fake hoes that we need to dispose of! Cause you following me and read my tweets so now you think you out smarting the chief?!? I'm a vegetarian but I'll still devour any beef, Trump style which means you chumps will never again walk the green mile when you morals are out of style .. OUT OF STYLE. HA!

We ain't messing with you, We are not messing with you(repeat hook)


released July 19, 2016
Lyrics and Vocals, MBENNZ
Track Reproduction BIG ZEKE



all rights reserved


MBennz Los Angeles, California

MBennz, the dynamic new female lyricist exploding on the scene, enriches Hip Hop! Her lyrical style is best described as the perfect blend of hard hitting content with a sultry twist of femininity. In mastering the balance of both sides of her personality with incredible grace. Keep an eye out for this shining star as she assumes her place among the legends in the game. ... more

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